The Echolaliator is an experimental improvisation system. It listens as you play, recording each phrase. When you pause, it responds by playing back one of your previous phrases that it thinks is related (in different versions, I have used the duration, pitch, or amplitude envelope to calculate 'relatedness'). When it detects a repeating rhythm, it joins in with a pattern at the same tempo, composed of sounds it has heard. Speech and other sounds are included and sometimes reappear at surprising times.

The visualization has a circle in the center, with color representing the current pitch it is hearing and size representing amplitude. Around it, a flowing graph shows the recent history of pitch and amplitude. A ring shape appears each time it records a sound, and these are arranged radially according to pitch. When it plays one of these sounds, it lights up and spins.

Made with OpenFrameworks 

download (mac only, no guarantees!)